The Story

In the heart of one of the Hippest Neighborhood of Athens, just under the Acropolis lies the staggering Koukaki Residence. Built-in the early 1930s by award-winning Architect Emmanuel Lazaridis, who also built the trademark monument of The Unknown Soldier, right in front of the Greek Parliament, The Koukaki Residence is housed in a historical building of unique design and aesthetics. 

Our Building's History

Part of the Modernism movement and Art Deco, The Koukaki Residence abounds in breath taking design elements that will definitely conquer your heart! From the monumental entrance, to the signature stairway which is a work of art of its own, all reflect the nobility of the Greek Bourgeois family who lived in this building at the beginning of the century. All the above encircle the Secret Garden in the middle, which is the Koukaki Residence's best kept secret. 

Our Logo History

Our unique Logo was initially created back in the early days and it is inspired by our main entrance door which was constructed in 1936.

The Residences

The Koukaki Residence features 7 spacious and luxurious rooms and suites, with a private kitchen, balcony and access to the garden. Find the best residence that meets your needs and create unforgettable memories in Athens, while experiencing true Athenian hospitality in one of the hippest areas of the city. 

The Area

The Koukaki area, is Athens’s hippest neighbourhood. 

Just underneath the Acropolis lies one of the city's most creative and charming corners, nicknamed as Athens ‘Little Paris’. 

Koukaki was named after Koukakis, a local bed manufacturer who owned a factory near the historic Sygrou Fix building – which is today home to the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Next to the historic area of Plaka, Koukaki is the closest and most organized district neighbouring the Acropolis.

It continues to preserve the glory of its past thanks to the well-preserved and renovated neoclassical homes that represent the Athenian Modernism movement which thrived in the interwar period.