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The Story

Situated in the epicenter of Athens' trendiest district, a stone's throw from the Acropolis, stands the magnificent Koukaki Residence. Constructed in the early 1930s by the renowned architect Emmanuel Lazaridis - the mastermind behind the iconic Unknown Soldier monument facing the Greek Parliament - the Koukaki Residence is ensconced within an architecturally significant edifice, radiating unparalleled design and elegance.

Our Building's History

A shining beacon of Modernism and Art Deco, The Koukaki Residence is a treasure trove of exquisite design elements that promise to enchant your senses. From its grand entrance to the iconic stairway, which stands as a masterpiece in itself, every detail echoes the grandeur of the Greek Bourgeois family who once called this place home in the early 1900s. Central to this architectural marvel is the Secret Garden, the most cherished and closely-guarded secret of the Koukaki Residence.


The Aesthetics

At The Koukaki Residence, it's a journey through unparalleled aesthetics. We're confident that the design and ambiance will leave an indelible mark on your heart. With its Art Nouveau flair, soaring ceilings, rich wooden floors, and the enchanting secret garden nestled at the heart of the Residence, you're in for an Athenian adventure that captivates the soul.

The Residences

The Koukaki Residence proudly presents 7 expansive and opulent rooms and suites, each equipped with a personal kitchen, balcony, and gateway to the garden. Discover the perfect dwelling tailored to your desires and craft lasting memories in Athens. Experience genuine Athenian warmth and hospitality in one of the city's most vibrant neighborhoods.

The Area

Koukaki stands as one of Athens' most sought-after locales.

Nestled right below the Acropolis, this enclave is often referred to as Athens' 'Little Paris', a testament to its artistic flair and enchanting ambiance.

The district owes its name to Koukakis, a notable bed manufacturer of yesteryears, who had his establishment near the iconic Sygrou Fix building, now the esteemed National Museum of Contemporary Art. Adjacent to the historic Plaka, Koukaki boasts the distinction of being the nearest and most well-structured neighborhood to the Acropolis.

Its rich heritage remains intact, with beautifully maintained and restored neoclassical residences that echo the Athenian Modernism movement, a cultural hallmark of the interwar era.

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